HE В ЛАДУ (HE В ЛАДАХ) coll PrepP these forms only)
1. \Л-15 с кем ( subj-compl with бытьд (subj: human or adv
one is in disagreement with s.o. , has a strained relationship with s.o. : X не в ладу с Y-ом - X is at odds with Y
X is on the outs with Y X is on bad (not on good) terms with Y there's something wrong between X and Y something is not right between X and Y X does not get along (get on) with Y (in limited contexts) X and Y just don't click.
«Нет, он (Собакевич) с ними не в ладах», - подумал про себя Чичиков (Гоголь 3). "Не (Sobakevich) must be at odds with them," Chichikov thought to himself (3c).
...Кузнец, который был издавна не в ладах с ним (с Чубом), при нем ни за что не отважится идти к дочке, несмотря на свою силу (Гоголь 5). .. .The blacksmith, who had for a long time been on bad terms with him (Chub), would on no account have ventured, strong as he was, to visit the daughter when the father was at home (5a).
По несчастию, татарин-миссионер был не в ладах с муллою в Малмыже (Герцен 1). Unfortunately, the Tatar missionary was not on good terms with the mullah at Malmyzho (1a).
...Я подумал: «Или вдовец, или живет не в ладах с женой» (Шолохов 1). Either he's а widower, I decided, or there's something wrong between him and his wife (lc).
С братьями по вере (пятидесятник) не в ладах. Слишком для них эксцентричен (Терц 3). Не (the Pentecostalist) does not get on with his brethren in the faith-they find him too eccentric... (3a).
2. - с чем ( subj-compl with бытье (subj: human) one cannot understand or master sth. , cannot learn how to use, apply etc sth. : X не в ладу с Y-ом - X is at odds (at variance) with Y
X is not (very) good at Y X is not cut out for Y.
"...Мне кажется, вы немножко не в ладах с русской грамматикой» (Войнович 3). ". .It seems to me that you are somewhat at odds with Russian grammar" (3a)
3. rare \Л-15 с чем ( usu. var. не в ладу
subj-compl with бытье ( subj: abstr or concr)) sth. is in discord with some other thing
X с Y-ом не в ладу = X is not in harmony (in tune) with Y
X and Y are at variance X is not in sync with Y.

Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь. — М.: ACT-ПРЕСС КНИГА. . 2004.

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